Ready to Launch

The bottom line is I’ve lacked the motivation to write and do the work to get this website started. I admit the theme of procrastination and accountability threads in and out of my life. After a powerful and humbling weekend in yoga teacher training, I realize the time is NOW and I’M READY.

In one of the recent yoga classes I taught in Naples I talked about how some of the worst, uncomfortable and painful life experiences can be the biggest blessings and learnings in hindsight. The thing we need to remember most in those moments is that WE ARE EXACTLY WHERE WE NEED TO BE no matter how much it seems unbearable and that there’s no hope. I was reminded of that this weekend in Naples as I was uncomfortable and raw. (((You may be going through this yourself right now. Know that you are exactly where you need to be, feeling exactly what you need to feel and learning the lessons you should be.)))

I went to Naples to support the second weekend of yoga teacher training as a leader and facilitator at Practice Yoga Naples. What I had envisioned for the weekend was not even remotely close for how the events of the weekend transpired. The weekend unfolded and I unraveled in the beautiful and messiest of ways.

Cut to a day in a half in to the program I’m in the backroom, crying that I’m so disconnected to the work of this training and I shouldn’t be leading and at this part of my life what I really need to be is a student. My friend, teacher and mentor, Debi asked, “Would you like to be a participant?” In that moment a lightness came over me and I responded through tears, “yes”

What happened for me the rest of the weekend was nothing short of magical. I’m grateful for the facilitating team who held the space for me to be a participant and even more grateful for the 27 other participants who welcomed me, encouraged me and supported me. The events and people of this weekend will forever be held sacred in my heart.

What I got from teacher training this weekend was the motivation and accountability to create in Austin, TX what I had created in Naples, FL. Above all, the feeling of being uplifted by community again, a reminder that even though was far in distance was never that far in heart.


The day before I left for Naples I participated in a visual meditation led by a friend. The context of the meditation was letting go of things and people in our life to move in to the next season of our life. We were asked questions like, what vehicle are you in? Who’s with you? Who are you leaving behind?

What I saw was interesting but makes so much sense after the magic of yoga teacher training this past weekend. In the meditation I saw myself on a rocket ship in space all alone. Alone, not lonely. In the distance behind me were my people supporting me and cheering me on from afar.

I’m ready to launch.

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1…

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