Lessons From A Skiing Attempt

I can’t believe it’s been only 8 days since I’ve been in #Colorado and I’m already thinking about when I can get back. My highlight was definitely learning how to ski from my friend @wellfitjill. It started off well on the bunny slope. #pizza 🍕 #frenchfries 🍟 . Every time I went down I got better and better. After a few hours of learning the basics my friend Jill took me to the top of the mountain for lunch. The lift took us up and I skied my way over to the restaurant. (I felt like such a bad ass. Like I had just won skiing. Basically at the rate I was going I’d make the Olympic team in no time.)

Well, when you go up you also have to come down. Down steep slopes. My inflated ego had burst. It was so challenging to pick up speed and do my “s” curves. I fell. A LOT. I contemplated every way I could get down the mountain without actually skiing. Waking, sliding, throwing myself down ... everything but actually skiing. Meanwhile my friends 10 year old daughter, Channing is lapping me on the slope. I’d barely get anywhere and she’d be coming down again.

I finally made it down and I was leaving I was reflecting on how thrilling and invigorating that experience was. Exhaustion, frustration and humility don’t last forever. Like all feelings, they are fleeting. I can’t wait to ski again. I’m so thankful for my friend who always gives me the opportunity to do wild stuff. Now I wonder what we will do next!?! 

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