The Magic of Wellfit Girls

Did you know I have the most unique and rewarding job in a non-profit start up called Wellfit Girls? Many people ask me, what do I do? What is this program? Quite frankly, the simple answers don't do it justice.

My go-to simple answer is, "Wellfit Girls is a 5 month fitness, leadership an adventure program founded in SWFL over 5 years ago. The program culminates in an expedition through Peru where we partner with another non-profit, Peru's Challenge. In Peru we complete a service project, trek through the Andes and climb Machu Picchu. The trip serves as a benchmark for the rest of their lives that they can overcome any mountain their faced with and they can draw upon this experience for inspiration and motivation." 

Well its just not that simple (Insert mental image of The Notebook meme) ... 

The human experience is such a fascinating and complex thing. It literally shapes our reality! The human experience is defined as, the ability to process memories by the conscience mind. It's the result of the mind's interaction and liaison between your physical body and the non-physical or spiritual soul. 

Wellfit Girls has a massive positive impact on teen girls and how they see and experience themselves in the world. It starts with our curriculum which binds our whole program together.  Within that curriculum is participants who drive the program collectively in a unique way. Groups are like fingerprints, each one is unique and not exactly the same. If you've ever led groups you know exactly what I'm talking about. Then skilled facilitators and volunteers help navigate the program based off the curriculum. We meet with girls twice a week. One day is geared towards fitness to physical prepare them for the expedition. The other meeting is designed to give them the non physical skills needed to successfully complete the expedition. For example, conflict resolution, leadership skills and a deeper understanding of group dynamics.

Within the 5 months of preparing the girls for the challenging but doable expedition through Peru they are faced with challenges. What one girl might deem challenging another girl may not. Physical fitness maybe a strength for one girl, yet speaking up within a group maybe a huge challenge. We purposely challenge the girls along the way as a way to build them up for what they'll face in Peru. 

The expedition to Peru is the pinnacle time of the program. Its like being in a pressure cooker of extreme challenge. Most of the comforts and luxuries they're accustomed to are taken away from them. For example, phones, family, modern plumbing and other modes of transportation since they have to walk through the Andes for days.  Whats left to get them through is themselves, the group, and the previous lessons/experiences they've acquired throughout their life and previous 5 months of the program. It's all intentional.  

Within the skeleton of the program something magical occurs. This magic doesn't happen only within the program it spills in to every area of their life. Girls start to trust and open up with one another, experiencing a sense of sisterhood and belonging. They start to share their dreams and fears. They find and use their voice! They are comfortable to speak up within a group even if they're scared to say what they feel needs to be said. They connect deeper with the world around them, strengthening relationships with friends and family. They let go and find peace with relationships that no longer serve them. They become confident in areas where they were once disempowered.  They are more appreciative and grateful for the things they have. This is the magic. Its inexplicable and quite hard to define in a quick answer. And this is my job! This is what I get to be apart of and I'm really proud of it.

Amy Voelkl